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Handmade Recycled Ribbon Cat Toy

We have three cats and two of them love ribbon. My teen Emily and I love making ribbon cat toys for them. This toy is made from a cat toy that was no longer being used. We dug in our extra ribbon bin and pulled out all the mismatched scraps of ribbon, too. As you can see from the pictures, Aslan helped in the picking of the ribbon as well and getting in the way as the tape got stuck on his paw.

This is a super easy kid craft which kids can be involved in the entire process. Let them help in every step and before you know it they will be creating many of these for their pets. Emily thought that she could make some, sell them and then donate the money to our local Animal Shelter.


Materials Needed:

Ӣ Recycled cat toy, stick or dowel
Ӣ Washi tape or duct tape
Ӣ Scissors
Ӣ Grosgrain ribbon
Ӣ Satin ribbon

Various sizes and pieces of
Ӣ Bobbin Grosgrain
Ӣ Grosgrain ribbon
Ӣ Satin ribbon




1. Gather your supplies. The ribbons were all various lengths from our ribbon box. The sizes varied from 6”³ to 16”³.

2. Gather a 2-3 pieces of ribbon and tape them to the stick. Keep repeating this until you get as much ribbon as you want on the stick.

3. To give extra strength to the ribbon, they can be hot glued to the stick and then wrapped with the duct or washi tape.

4. Play!

Do you make hair bows for your pets? If so, you can get more ideas from the Hair Bow Making CD. It has an entire chapter for making pet bows. Here are more crafts for your pets which your kids can help make a DIY Treat Jar Container or a different DIY Ribbon Pet Toy




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