Bowdabra Feature Friday Indoor Winter Fun For the Family

When it is frightfully cold outside, keep yourself and the kids busy by doing some indoor crafts. This week we were inspired by some crafty projects from last week’s Crafty Showcase. Pop over and check out all of the ideas. We pulled out some of our favorites to share with you. Which one will you make first??

DIY Indoor Winter Fun Crafts

Do you have any fun projects we can do in the winter? If so, stop back over and share your ideas with us on Saturday in the new crafty showcase. Let’s keep our minds active and our hands busy this long, cold winter season.

  • Pretty Peppermint Soaps by Crafts A La Mode – We bet these smell great and would be perfect to make this winter. What a great tutorial. The pretty pink & red color would make these great gift ideas for Valentines Day.
  • Popsicle Stick Snowman – Kids will love these!
  • Snowball Fight by My Turn For Us – WOW what a fun craft to make and play with this winter. It is for indoors so everyone stays warm and dry! If you are going to make some of these, head out to the store because all of these containers are now on post-holiday discount.
  • Bubble Gum Snowmen – Great way to use something you already have at home.
  • Hooded Cap FREE eBook by Wesens-Art – This project, when made can be worn 3 different ways. These would be great to make and give these winter months.
  • Napkin Ring by Kittys Craft – How fun! These look super easy to make and could be made for any holiday or decor.
  • Mod Podge Wooden Tray  – So many ways to make this. Great gift idea.
  • Ring Bell for Service by What Happens At Grandmas – This set up is for Christmas but once put together the kids could play with it all winter long. What a super idea.

Don’t forget to stop over and share your fun winter craft projects, recipes and more in the Saturday Crafty Showcase!

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