Mesh Tubing Ribbon Decorated Pumpkin

decorated pumpkin

It’s that time of year when we all enjoy decorating for fall. Here’s an exquisite fall decorated pumpkin idea that’s really simple to do with just a few key items:

White Pumpkin
Mesh Tubing Ribbon
Fall Wired Ribbon
Floral Wire (24 gauge)
Fall Embellishments
Bowdabra and Accessories

Start with a large store-bought pumpkin and wrap mesh tubing around segmented areas twice, as pictured.

decorated pumpkin
Here’s how the bottom looks . . .

decorated pumpkin
and secure the top by wrapping mesh tubing around the pumpkin stalk.

decorated pumpkin
Next, fold a 24″ piece of Bowdabra wire in half and place it into the Bowdabra.  Tuck the ends under.

decorated pumpkin
Insert a fall leaf garland into the Bowdabra, looping the garland left and right with the leaves facing up.

decorated pumpkin
Take about 6-10 yards of mesh tubing and insert floral wire into the tube. This is quite easy to do by stretching the wire out and pushing it into the tubing. Secure ends by wrapping wire end into tubing fabric and pinching close. Inserting wire into the mesh tubing allows it to be formed into various shapes, up or down.

decorated pumpkin
Insert the mesh wired tube into the Bowdabra and decide how big you want your loops.
Loop the mesh tubing back and forth until you have created as many loop as you want.

decorated pumpkin
Scrunch down the mesh tubing with the Bowadabra wand.

decorated pumpkin
Next, place the first decorative wire ribbon end (60 inches) into the Bowdabra right side down.  Fold the ribbon to make a loop, twisting the ribbon so the right side is always showing. Press down into the Bowdabra.

decorated pumpkin
Continue to create as many loops as you want, back and forth, and then use your Bowdabra wand to scrunch the ribbon down.

decorated pumpkin
Insert the next ribbon (26″) into the Bowdabra right side facing down, folding the ribbon to make a loop. Twist the ribbon and press down into the Bowdabra.
decorated pumpkin

decorated pumpkinMake another loop – now you have a loop on each side.

decorated pumpkin
Make one more loop, half the size, in the center, and scrunch down the ribbon with the Bowdabra wand.

While the bows and embellishments are still in the Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the bow wire through the loop and pull tightly before removing from the Bowdabra.              decorated pumpkin

Take the bow wire ends to the back of the bow and tie in a knot.
Fluff and shape the bows . . .
and arrange the mesh wired tubing bow to stand up or lay down.

decorated pumpkin

decorated pumpkinAttach your Bowdabra bow arrangement to the mesh tubing on the pumpkin with the bow wire.   Top off your creation with a handmade twisted foam flower along with the mesh tubing and wire ribbon Bowdabra bows!

decorated pumpkin
Display your lovely pumpkin arrangement . . .  adding beautiful autumn elegance to your décor!
decorated pumpkin

Visit Bowdabra designer Gail at Purple hues and me, G+, Pinterest, and twitter.

Ribbon Decorated Pumpkin

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