Welcome baby wreath, It’s a boy!

Sports themed baby shower wreath.

Shower the ‘Mother to be’ with this beautiful welcome baby wreath.

So versatile from baby shower, to hospital door, to decorating the baby’s room.

welcome baby wreath


  • Mini bowdrabra tool
  • Bowdrabra wire
  • Approximately 12 newborn diapers.  I selected some with the least amount of decorations on them.
  • Sports themed ‘little’ duckies. -> Purchased through Amazon                                 Package includes 4 each of different sports. Baseball, Basketball, Football,  and  Soccer. I used three different styles. An alternative would be to use all of one sport.
  • Sports themed lollipops. -> Purchased through Amazon
  • 12 inch grapevine wreath or wire wreath
  •  8 to 10  yards of navy blue 3/8 inch wired edge satin ribbon
  • 4 yards of navy blue 1 1/2 inch wired edge organza ribbon
  • 1 yards of royal blue 1 inch satin edge wired organza ribbon

Bowdabra Craft Supplies

How to make bows

  • Stretch out the baby diaper, place under the wreath

How to make professional bows

  • Fold over the diaper and scrunch it tight in the middle.  Using the bowdabra wire, tie tightly in the middle.

Bowmaking tutorials

  • Using the wire that is on the bow, tie the bow to the middle of the diaper. Again,  tying tightly in the middle.

DIY baby shower ideas

  • Continue around the rest of the wreath. Place each diaper snugly next to the previous one. You make have to overlap the diaper as the wreath curves.

How to make wreaths with bowdabra

Easy to make wreaths

  • Insert your lollipop through the wire behind the bow. Glue in place.

Easy bow making tool

  • Continue inserting your lollipops under the same bow, spreading them out.

welcome baby wreath


Making the bows:

Bow #1.

  • Take a 16 inch piece of bowdabra wire and fold it in half. This will leave a loop on one end. Place into the mini bowdabra.

bowdabra wire

  • Place your ribbon beginning with 3 inches from the middle. Loop it back and forth making one bow loop. Start your next loop 1/2 inch in. Make one bow loop.


  • Take your ribbon out of the holder. Insert the two loose ends into the looped end and pull the wire ends tightly. Tie tightly.
  • Do not cut your wire yet, as you will use this to tie your bow to the diaper.


  • Tie a 3 inch piece of ribbon around your bow. Secure with a drop of hot glue and trim closely.


Bow #2.

  • Insert the wired edge organza with 3 inches on each side.


  • Continue back and forth until you have 3 loops on each side.


  • Start your next loop at 2 1/2 inches. Make a total of three 2 1/2 loops.
  • Finish with one 2 inch loop on each side.
  • Pull up your wire, tighten and tie off as in the first bow. Do not trim the wire.


  • Fold the satin edge ribbon in half, pinch at the middle and tie to the bow.


  • Pull the loops of your bow out in a circular motion, fluffing out as you go. Using the bowdabra wire that is on the bow, attach to the wreath.



Baby Shower Wreath Ideas

Be sure to visit Pat at her Facebook page Beau Parterre Florals to see more of her beautiful creations.

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