How to make a patriotic cheer bow |video tutorial

How to make a Patriotic Cheer Bow, in three minutes!

how to make a patriotic cheer bow - video tutorial

This video shows how easy it is to make a cheer bow with the mini bowdabra!!  Check out this simple DIY, now you can make different cheer bows, dance bows, or spirit bows in minutes!

For this bow, I’m going to take my Mini Bowdabra, my Hair Bow Tool and Ruler and just lay that over. Take my silver Bowdabra Bow Wire and fold it in half, and just tuck it underneath my Bowdabra. Then what I’m going to do is I have this red ribbon, and I’m just going to put the end in here. I’m going to fold it back.

I’m going to make it three inches and just scrunch that down. So I’ve measured a little over three inches. I’m just basically measuring it to the end of the hair bow ruler. I’m going to do exactly the same thing with my red, white and blue ribbon. I’m going to put it in upside-down so the wrong side is on the bottom and fold it back.

Make it three inches here and scrunch that in. Then what I’m going to do is take my garland, my fun star garland, because I think this really fun for a patriotic bow you could use for 4th of July, Veteran’s Day, or just when you’re feeling patriotic. And I’m just going to scrunch this down here. Take the ends, bring this through my loop so I have a slip knot.

Pull the bowdabra bow wire tight while it’s still in the mini Bowdabra. Pull my bow out and separate my ends. Bring them around to the back. I’m just going to tie a knot here and make sure that I double-knot it. And I’m going to take my ponytail holder and pull this through. Again, I’m going to tie it and knot it. And I’m just going to pull that there, and just clip it really close. And then you have a really cute patriotic cheer bow.

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