Quick and Easy Decorations

Have you ever need a Quick and easy Decoration at the last minute?  Check out what we did, for a last minutes idea.

Quick Easy Decoration

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Hello all and thanks for stopping by today, Chris here with a quick and easy decoration for just about any get-together. My sister realized the night before our family reunion that we needed a way to mark the path back to the pavilion at the park. Pretty much everyone knew what park we were going to but not everyone knew what pavilion we would be at. Well, Bowdabra® to the rescue!!

Here’s what you need:

-Mini Bowdabra® tool

-Tulle ribbon

-Bowdabra® Ribbon Wire



Start by adding the Bowdabra® Bow Wire to your Mini Bowdabra®. I used a lot of wire because I wasn’t sure how much I would need to tie to whatever I was going to tie them to. I then cut about 3 feet of the tulle.  Your choice of color to match your event.


Simply feed the tulle ribbon into the Mini Bowdabra® tool. You do this buy just scrunching it all in there. Once it’s all feed in the smoosh it down.


Then pull the Bowdabra® Bow Wire and tie it off. Now you have a super simple poof!  Wants that easy?  Now you too can made this in minutes.


We used these to mark the path to get to where we were. We also hung a bunch of them around and used them for games too. The kids also loved making them. I took the supplies with me and we had a blast.


Bowdabra® tools are great because you can make so many bows so fast. You always have that helping hand you need. Don’t forget to check out Bowdabra® on Facebook too. If you haven’t been convinced to go buy your own tools go now and do it. You will be so happy you did!!

Quick and Easy Decoration

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