Make an awesome New Year’s Eve garland in minutes

New Year's Eve garland

You can make this awesome New Year’s Eve garland in minutes with the Bowdabra!

Add a little flash to your holiday parties this year with the fun scrunchy ribbon New Year’s Eve garland. Don’t stop there though; use this same technique for other events such as Mardi Gras, baby showers, bridal showers and more. This list is endless!!

Watch as Sandy Sandler the creator of the Bowdabra shows you step by step in this video DIY tutorial how to create the New Year’s Eve garland in minutes!



3 Pieces Bowdabra Bow Wire (24″)

Silver Garland (32″)

3 Pieces Gold Bowdabra Scrunchy Ribbon (32″ x 5″

2 Decorative Picks to Match


New Year’s Eve garland

Now I’m going to show you a really quick way to decorate the holiday table or your mantle with this fun New Year’s Eve Garland. I made this thinking about New Year’s, but you could do it in different colored garlands. You could use green for Mardi Gras and purple, maybe a purple garland.

Anyway, so it’s really, really easy. I made these two scrunchy bows and put them on already. This is our scrunch ribbon. And the reason I call it our scrunch ribbon is I just love how it looks when you scrunch it up.

So, the first thing that I’m going to do is take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, fold it in half and lay it down into the Bowdabra. Just tuck the ends underneath so they stay out of the way. Then, I’m going to take my scrunch ribbon and I’m going to scrunch it into the Bowdabra. Just keep scrunching all the way down. I have these really pretty leaves that I took off an old imitation laurel arrangement I had. And I have this really pretty silver that will match really well with the silver garland. Next, I’m just going to take my Bowdabra wand and scrunch everything in there.

Finishing your garland

Finally, I’m going to take my Bowdabra Bow Wire, pull the two ends, because I have a slipknot. And I pull it really, really tight and bring it out of the Bowdabra. Separate the ends, bring it around to the back and just tie it off.

And, I’ll make a knot on it so that I make sure it doesn’t come apart. So, just knot it here and then I’ll shape my bow. I’m just going to bring my curls in the center, or my little silver balls in the center and just fluff it out. And then I’m going to take it and tie it onto my garland. And then you have a really, really simple centerpiece that just took you a couple minutes to make.

awesome New Year’s Eve garland

New Year’s Eve garland tutorial

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