How To Make A Fun Summertime Bow For Your Straw Hat

Hello everyone, Tammy with you today with a fun tutorial to decorate your straw hat with a bow. I love to wear a  floppy straw hat during Spring and Summer. When I saw this fun May Arts lemon ribbon, I knew it would make a  perfect bow for a straw hat!  Here is how I made it….

How to Make Summertime Bow for Your Straw Hat

Bow for a straw hat


Bowdabra Mini

Bowdabra wire (24 inches)

May Arts Lemon Ribbon (2 yards)

White tulle (6 inches)

Straw hat




Best Ideas for Decorating Hats

  1. Cut 24 inches of Bowdabra wireHow to make a bow
  2. Wrap wire around Bowdabra Mini as shown and tuck under to keep our of your way while working.Best bow maker tool
  3. Cut a 5 foot piece of ribbon and place end upside down in Bowdabra as shown. How to make a bow with Bowdabra tool
  4. Twist ribbon to show backside before placing inside Bowdabra for each loop.bow making tutorials
  5. Make 2 or 3 equal size loops.easy to create bow makers
  6. Use wand to compact center of ribbon.bow making tool
  7. Add a 6 inch piece of white tulle on top of bow for additional texture.easy to use crafting tool
  8. When you are done adding ribbon and tulle, pull wire into a slip knot and tighten around bow.bow maker tool
  9. Tie a double knot in the back of the bow to secure.bow making tools
  10. Measure ribbon around the hat and cut to bow making tool
  11. Place adhesive on ribbon.Best bow making crafts ideas for a straw hat
  12. Wrap ribbon around hat and add additional adhesive to secure.Create beautiful DIY bows for Decorating Hats
  13. Use additional adhesive to attach bow to hat.Make Summertime Bow for Your Straw Hat
  14. That’s it, enjoy your cute hat!  This cute bow was so easy to make with the Bowdabra Mini and this cute ribbon from May Arts Ribbon. I hope this has given you some ideas on how to use your Bowdabra Mini to create cute Summertime looks :)
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