How to Make a Patriotic Bow for Memorial Day

Show your American pride with this patriotic bow for Memorial Day. Of course, you can display it on other holidays, too. What about Flag Day, Fourth of July, or Labor Day?Patriotic Bow for Memorial Day

Supplies for Patriotic Bow:

Instructions for Patriotic Bow:

  1. Cut tulle and ribbons to length using the Thermocut Hot Wire Cutter to cut and seal the ribbon ends. Alternatively, pass the ribbon ends quickly through a flame, or seal with a thin coat of clear nail wire bow cutter
  2. Fold the bow wire in half and place in the Bowdabra, tucking the ends of the wire under the Bowdabra.bow wire folding tool
  3. Add the three pieces of tulle to the Bowdabra with the 9″ length parallel to your work surface. (You can see I’m getting a little help here with this bow.)bow making tool
  4. Layer the two lengths on star banner on top of the tulle. Next, make loops with the to make a patriotic bow
  5. Leave a three to four inch tail when placing the blue ribbon in the Bowdabra, and continue to make three loops on each side, ending with another tail. Since my ribbon was printed on one side, I twisted it after each loop so the design would show on each loop.
  6. Compress all the layers with the Bowdabra wand.bow wand tool
  7. With the bow still in the Bowdabra, pass the wire end through the loop and tighten. Tie a knot on the reverse side of the bow to secure the layers. Leave the wire ends to attach the bow for display.Bow Wire
  8. Fluff out your bow, and display your patriotic pride.

My bow will be proudly displayed on my mailbox, but I can think of lots of other places for it, too. Use it to brighten a picnic basket. Add it to a floral arrangement. Attach to the handle bars of a child’s bike for the local Memorial Day parade. How will you use your patriotic bow?Patriotic Bow

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day!

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