Kids can help make these fun birthday party favors

Do you have a kid’s birthday party coming up? This time why not have the kids make these fun birthday party favors for the big day? Using inexpensive supplies such as chalk from the dollar store they can make these birthday party favors quick and easy! When done they resemble little birthday candles! How adorable!

You can make them for a boy or a girl’s party depending upon the color. And if the party is for a girl you can even make a hair bow to match the ribbon color on the faux chalk candle birthday party favors.

Birthday party favors

Faux candle birthday party favors

Let’s get started…


  • Chalk
  • Scrap ribbon
  • Small elastics
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Craft feathers, orange and yellow


  1. Begin with white chalk from the Dollar Store in their office supplies aisle.

birthday party favors

  1. Next, using small elastics, combine 7 chalks together to form one party favor. Make several favors.

birthday party favors

  1. Gather scrap ribbon. Find ribbon that will fit the party theme and color scheme. I made some favors for a boy’s party and some favors for a girl’s party.

birthday party favors

  1. Cut strips of ribbon to attach to the top, middle, and bottom. Hold the ribbon in place with glue. Glue the ribbon together but do not glue it to the chalk. – This way kids can remove the ribbon to easily get to the chalk pieces.

birthday party favors

  1. Attach 2 feathers in between the chalk at the top. I used yellow and orange feathers to make it look like a small flame.

birthday party favors

  1. Trim the feathers with scissors to look like a flame on a candle.

birthday party favors

  1. I created some birthday party favors for a boy’s party, as well.

birthday party favors

  1. Place favors on the party table, in gift bags, or let kids make their own favors as a birthday party craft.

birthday party favors

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birthday party favors


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