How To Make a JoJo Inspired Bow

The JoJo Bow is very popular and trendy for young girls these days! Wouldn’t it be great to be know how to make a JoJo inspired bow? In case you don’t know what a JoJo bow is – it’s a large hair bow accessory made popular by teenager, JoJo Siwa, a dancer, singer, reality tv and social media star. She wears very large, colorful bows that decorate her high ponytail hairstyles. So many girls want to wear bows in their hair just like she does!
If your girl is dying to wear this type of bow, the good news is, you can easily make a JoJo inspired bow using your Bowdabra! It looks just like a very large Bowdabra Boutique Bow with ribbon tails. Here’s how to make one:

JoJo inspired bow

JoJo inspired bow

Materials Needed:
• 3″ wide ribbon – grosgrain or satin ribbon
• Scissors
Mini Bowdabra
Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool and Ruler
• Bow Wire and Bowdabra Wand
• Hot glue gun
• Stick-on rhinestones
• Lighter
• Hair clip
Let’s get started by cutting an 18″ piece of Bowdabra Bow Wire, folding in half and placing it into the Mini Bowdabra, tucking ends under.
Next cut 60 inches of ribbon and fold in half to find the center. Make a crease in the center and place down into the Mini Bowdabra.

Grab and crease one side of the ribbon about 6 inches from the end, making a loop and place into the Mini Bowdabra.

Grab and crease the other side of ribbon at the 6-inch mark and carry it over the first ribbon loop and down into the Mini Bowdabra, forming an X on top of the Mini Bowdabra tower.

Using the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler as your guide, position the four loops evenly. Starting with the bottom loop, make a crease in the center, pressing down into the Mini Bowdabra.

Next, Take the top loop, crease in the middle and press down into the Mini Bowdabra. The bow is over eight inches wide!

Scrunch down the loops with the Mini Bowdabra Wand.

While the bow is still in the Mini Bowdabra, take the two loose ends of the bow wire through the loop at the other end, pulling tightly up and out. Tie the wires in the back of the bow in a double knot and cut off excess.

Finishing your JoJo inspired bow

To make the finishing knot, cut a 7-inch piece of matching ribbon and fold over three times into a narrow strip

Tie into a loose knot and seal ends by running a lighter flame heat over the ends.

Run a bead of hot glue on the back of bow over the bow wire, place finishing knot on the center front of the bow, wrapping ends around. Secure with a dab of hot glue and cut off excess ribbon. Seal ends. Attach base of hair clip through the loop of finishing knot. Cut tails of bow ribbon at a slant and seal with lighter flame heat.

Decorate the JoJo inspired Bowdabra Boutique Bow with stick-on rhinestones for a sparkling effect!

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This beautiful JoJo inspired bow makes a wonderful Christmas present for any lucky little girl.  And if you want more Christmas gift ideas these easy holiday boutique bows are quick and easy!

holiday hair bows



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  • sharon cooper

    i have just bought my bowdabra and haven’t put it down yet . I have tried other bow making tools but this is the best so far easy to use even with hand problems the bigger size bowdabra is on its way woop woop thank you

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