Let’s Celebrate! How to Make a Doggy Bone Garland

Let’s celebrate by throwing a party for that special fur baby in our lives! They love us unconditionally. so why not celebrate their love with festivities, treats, toys, and friends – both the two & four-legged kind! And don’t forget about the decorations! What better way to decorate than to make a doggy bone garland

How to make a doggy bone garland

Yes, you can quickly create a doggy bone garland which is a garland made of stuffed felt bones with adorable Bowdabra bows attached. And it’s oh so adorable, don’t you think? Here’s how:


Felt sheets – 12″x9″ @4 for $1 or less
Bone pattern
Fabric glue
Pencil with an erasure top
Mini Bowdabra and Wand
Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool and Ruler
Bowdabra Bow Wire
Ribbon – 2.5″ wide wired

Let’s begin by either free-hand draw a large bone pattern or find one online and cut out. I placed half a bone shape on the fold of a felt sheet and cut out – two for each bone.

Next, line up two bone cut-outs together and . . .

begin applying fabric glue around the edges of one of the bones, leaving an opening at one of the straight areas. Press the bone shapes together around the edges and let dry completely.

Stuff the bone with poly-fil once the glue and felt is dry, beginning at the curve areas. Use the eraser tip of a pencil to push the filling into tight areas.

Once you have stuffed the shape, apply glue to the open edge and press together. Use clamps to secure until dry. Make additional bones, as needed for the garland.

Make the bow embellishment

To make the bow: Cut a 12″ piece of Bowdabara bow wire, fold in half and place in the Mini Bowdabra, tucking ends under. Next, cut an 18″ piece of 2.5″ wire ribbon, pinching one end pattern side down into the slot.

Pinch the other end of the ribbon up and over the Mini Bowdabra Tower and down into the slot.

Crease the center of the ribbon down into the slot, using the hair bow tool and ruler to measure the loops evenly.

Scrunch down the ribbon with the Mini Bowdabra Wand.

While the bow is still in, thread the bow wire into a slip knot. Gently pull the bow out, tying ends in a couple of knots around the back. Cut off excess wire and fluff bow. Glue bow to the bone.  Make a hanging loop by cutting felt scrap into 4″ strip, fold and glue ends together, then glue onto top at the same spot for each bone – clamp til dry.

This garland is too cute – perfect for any doggy celebration!

doggy bone garland

Vivee is ready to party!

doggy bone garland

You can also use the felt bones to hold treats instead of stuffing close – just leave the top edge unglued to fill!

To see more of Bowdabra designer Gail’s amazing craft tutorials visit her blog at Purple Hues and Me.

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