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Spring Into Wedding Season with this Trendy Farmhouse Chic Centerpiece

Is there a Spring wedding in your future? Bowdabra makes it so easy to create beautiful on trend decor.  Today I am sharing a “Farmhouse Chic” table centerpiece.

chic centerpiece


Brides Magazine lists the hot Spring wedding trends as:

  • “Living Coral” Pantone’s Color of the Year
  • Bringing the outdoors in (lots of foliage and unexpected foliage like pampas grass)
  • Eco Conscience Weddings (check out Megan and Harry’s Royal Wedding! – think upcycled items and natural wood)
  • Scented Candles

This chic centerpiece hits all the hot trends.  Let’s get started!

Bowdabra Chic centerpiece

Gather supplies:
Make it:
  • Start by cutting a piece of the 4″ ribbon the circumference of your large mason jar PLUS 1″ – set aside
  • Cut 2 pieces of 4″ Ribbon 18″ long to make your bow
  • Cut a piece of Bow Wire 22″, fold in half, place on your Bowdabra and tuck the ends underneath the unit to keep them out of the way while you work
  • Pinch and tuck center of one of your 18″ ribbon pieces and slide into Bowdabra – these will be your bow tails, and we will trim as the last step

  • Pinch and tuck 1 end of 4″ and place into your Bowdabara with WRONG side facing up.
  • Loop your ribbon in a big arc and pinch and tuck opposite end onto your bowdabra so that you have a large loop with the RIGHT side of ribbon showing (see photo)

  • Pinch and tuck center of your loop into the Bowdabra

  • Tamp down with Bowdabra wand
  • With bow still on the unit, pull out your bow wire, thread cut ends through folded loop and pull tight.  Knot on the back side

  • Pin your vintage brooch to the center of the bow

  • Using the bow wire, tie bow onto the ribbon you cut to go around mason jar – knot tightly
  • Slide bow onto your mason jar
  • Trim ribbon tails at an angle, curl them and fluff bow loops

Create your tablescape:

*Cat Optional!

  • Add flowers in a mason jar and a tea light to the mini mason jar to the centerpiece
  • Arrange all of your components on a wood round

chic centerpiece

chic centerpiece

Thanks for stopping by the blog today – would love to know what wedding decor you are making!





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