How to Make Easy Charm Bows for Cinco de Mayo Margaritas

Hola and welcome to the blog.  Cinco de Mayo is upon us – time for guacamole, salsa, margaritas and good friends! And these Margarita glass charm bows will make keeping track of your drink more fun!

charm bows

Everyone is familiar with wine glass charms – I have created margarita glass charm bows to keep track of your drink and add a festive touch.

What you need:

Margarita glass charm bows

Make it:

  • Start with a flat piece of ribbon across the Bowdabra unit that will create the “tails” of your bow


  • Loop Ribbon back and forth 4 times



  • Take the trimmed ends of your bow wire, thread through the folded loop and pull tight


  • Finish by tying the bow on to an elastic band

charm bows

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