How to put together a fun Mother’s Day gift basket

Are you stumped looking for the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day?  Why stop at one gift when you can put together a fun Mother’s Day gift basket with all of mom’s favorite things.

The choices are endless whether you add delicious chocolates, books, DVD’s, or even small craft items.  Just fill the basket with whatever mom loves.  You have so much fun putting together all the items for Mom.

Wouldn’t a mini or regular Bowdabra and some Bow wire and Bowdabra ribbon be perfect for that craftaholic mom?

Mother's day gift basket

Updated: May 2019


  • Bowdabra
  • Bowdabra bow wire
  • 1 inch wide ruffled edge ribbon
  • Basket
  • Cellophane basket wrap
  • Filling items personalized for YOUR special mom


Mother’s Day Gift Basket

First, gather all the materials you will need.  Arrange each item in the basket.

Mother's Day gift basket

Next, wrap cellophane around the gift basket and tie with Bowdabra Bow Wire. Set aside.

Mother's Day gift basket

Make the bow

Now, gather the materials you need to make the bow

Mother's Day gift basket

Cut a piece of Bowdabra Bow Wire 24 inches long. Fold the wire in half and place it into the Bowdabra. Then, place the ribbon in the Bowdabra so that the end touches the side.

Mother's Day gift basket

Mother's Day gift basket

Fold the ribbon to make your loop. Twist the ribbon 180 degrees and press down into the Bowdabra. Repeat on both sides of the Bowdabra to create as many loops on each side as you desire.

Mother's Day gift basket

While the bow is in the Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the bow wire through the loop at the other end.

Mother's Day gift basket

Pull the bow wire tightly while the bow is in the Bowdabra. Wrap ends around to the back of the bow and double knot to secure. Do not cut the wire.

Mother's Day gift basket

Gently pull the bow out of the Bowdabra. Fluff and shape the bow.

Mother's Day gift basket

Tie the bow to the cellophane basket with the extra Bowdabra wire. Enjoy seeing your mother’s face when you give her the beautiful basket.

Mother's Day gift basket





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