How to Create Easy, Charming Eco-Friendly Wedding Décor

A “Low Waste” Eco-Friendly wedding has been trending in recent years, and for good reason.  We all want to take care of our planet and let’s face it, weddings and showers coupled with all the different accompanying celebrations are expensive!   So let’s create meaningful décor that doesn’t break the bank but will also “WOW” your guests.

DIY Eco-friendly wedding décor idea


Today I am sharing charming little potted succulents that are perfect for wedding or shower table favors.

The gorgeous tulle bows come together quickly using the Bowdabra Mini while adding the perfect, romantic finishing touch.

Beautiful wedding/ shower table favors

Eco-Friendly Wedding decor

This wedding decor is extra economical if you have succulents in your yard (like me! I can’t kill them!) that you take clippings from.  Although, purchasing small succulents is still very inexpensive.


For the bow:

DIY bow making tools

For the potted succulent:

  • Assorted glass jars in different shapes and sizes (be creative – look through your cabinets, your fridge, and visit the local thrift stores! You want different shapes for interest!)
  • small pebbles (for drainage at bottom of jar)
  • potting soil
  • succulent cuttings or small purchased succulents (1″ pot)

Bow Making Instructions

  • Start by folding your Bowdabra Wire in half, placing on to the Bowdabra and tucking ends under the unit to keep out of the way while you work
  • Place tulle ribbon into Bowdabra – pulling out to 4″ Mark
  • Fold tulle back and forth, tucking into Bowdabra, and using the 4″ marks on both sides of the Measuring Tool
  • Make at least 10 folds for a full bow (if desired, layer some ribbon scraps on top for a pop of color)
  • Use Bowdabra wand to scrunch layers tight
  • Pull the ends of your Bowdabra wire from under unit, thread cut ends through folded loop end, pull tight and know

Steps to make bows for wedding décor

  • Fluff your tulle loops
  • cut a piece of tulle ribbon a length that will wrap around your jar twice
  • Using Bowdabra Wire, tie your tulle bow to the center of the tulle length you just cut, trim wire
  • Using a hot glue gun, attach embellishment to the center of the wedding decor bow

Beautiful Bows for Wedding Décor

  • Wrap your bow onto the jar, finishing with ends in front, know and trim

Low waste wedding décor & Table Favors

A sweet remembrance of your wedding your guests can take home.

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