How to Make a Hair Bow Holder and Organizer

Using a hair bow holder keeps bows and hair accessories organized and visible. It also helps prolong the life of the bows so they don’t get crushed when just tossed in a drawer or tote.Hair Bow Holder

You’ll need these supplies for the Hair Bow HolderSupplies for Hair Bow Holder

  • 1 plastic hanger
  • Seven 36″ lengths 1½” satin ribbon
  • Three 5″ lengths 1½” patterned grosgrain ribbon
  • Three 4″ lengths 1½” patterned grosgrain ribbon
  • 2″ length rhinestone ribbon
  • Two mini pinch-type clothes pins
  • 4′ length fish line
  • 18″ length Bowdabra bow wire
  • Mini Bowdabra
  • Hot glue

Let’s make the Hair Bow Holder

  1. Removing the hook from the hanger. If there is a support piece at the top of the hanger, drill a small hole through it. If there is no support piece, we’ll address it later.Prepare Hanger
  2. Cut the ribbons to length and dovetail the ends. Quickly pass the ribbon ends through a flame to seal the ends and prevent fraying.Dovetail Ribbon Ends
  3. Fold the bow wire in half and put it in the Mini Bowdabra. Tuck the ends of the wire under the Mini Bowdabra to keep them out of the way.
    Wire in Mini Bowdabra Silver
    Make the Bow
  4. Layer the 5″ spikes of patterned ribbon in the Mini Bowdabra. Add the 4″ spikes on top.Layer Ribbon Spikes in Mini Bowdabra
  5. Compress the ribbons with the wand.Compress Ribbons
  6. With the ribbons still in the Mini Bowdabra, pass the wire ends through the loop and tighten. Tie a knot on the reverse side. Leave the wire ends uncut.Pass Wire Ends through Loop
  7. With one wire end extending to each side of the back of the bow, use a dot of hot glue to secure one end of the rhinestone ribbon in place on the back of the bow. Wrap the ribbon around the front, and secure on the back of the bow with another dot of hot glue.Add Rhinestone Ribbon Embellishment
  8. Fluff the bow and set aside.
    Fluff and arrange the bow

    Finished Bow for Hair Bow Holder

  9. Position a 36″ length of satin ribbon in under the hanger so 18″ extend above the hanger. Hot glue in place.Hot Glue Center Ribbon in Place
  10. Position one of the end lengths of ribbon, and hot glue in place. Repeat with the other end ribbon. Place two ribbons on the right side, equally spaced between the center and end ribbons, and hot glue them in place. Repeat on the other side.Hot Glue End Ribbon in Place
  11. Hot glue a clothespin to each side of the hanger.Hot Glue Clips in Place
  12. Fold the length of the fishing line in half. Thread the ends through the drilled hole and make a larks head knot by passing the ends of the fish line through the loop. Tie the loose ends together. Note: If your hanger doesn’t have the support piece where you could drill a hole for the fish line, pass the two ends of the line under the top of the hanger and make the larks head knot over the top of the hanger. 
  13. Use the uncut wire ends on the bow to attach it to the top of the hanger
  14. Hang the finished hair bow holder, and load it up!!Hair Bow Holder (Instagram)
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