How to beautify a wine bottle with an elegant Bowdabra bow

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here sharing this quick and easy DIY to beautify a  wine bottle with an elegant Bowdabra bow.

How to beautify a wine bottle with an elegant Bowdabra bow

beautify a wine bottle

Bowdabra Bow Making Tool
Bow Wire

Place bow wire in the Bowdabra and place underneath while creating the bow.
Place the ribbon in the Bowdabra, leaving a 5″ tail.

Pass the ribbon through the Bowdabra creating large loops.
Twist the ribbon when passing through the channel.

Create 5 loops on each side of the Bowdabra, making the top loops a little smaller.

Pull up on the bow wire and tie off.

Wrap the bottle with tissue paper and use the bow wire to tie the ribbon to the bottle.

beautify a wine bottle

Since I used wired ribbon, it’s easy to form the loops once the bow has been tied to the bottle.

beautify a wine bottle

Such a simple addition to beautifying a wine bottle for an elegant gift. This is a great way to wrap liquor bottles as well.  Great to give as gifts or perhaps have as party favors.

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