Kid’s craft – How to upcycle a styrofoam plate into a stunning flower

styrofoam plate flowers

Upcycle a styrofoam plate into a stunning flower with a few easy steps! Kids will love making these to give to their mothers or special friends. Make a bunch of styrofoam flowers for the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet. Bowdabra designer, Gail takes you through the easy steps in this kid’s craft DIY.

You will need:

Styrofoam containers or plates (thin)
Floral stem wire
Floral tape
Tiny pom pom

How to turn a styrofoam plate into a stunning flower

Instructions:  Let’s start by cutting out the flat areas from styrofoam plates. You will need styrofoam that’s thin and flexible and not thick and hard. You don’t want it to crack.

Then measure the circle into 1 1/2″ widths . . .

using a ruler and skewer to mark the area and . . .

then cut out the pieces straight . . .

including the ends for straight edges.

The longer the pieces, the fuller the flower.

Next, cut narrow slits in the strips leaving a border.

Apply glue along the border . . .

placing the stem wire on top along the edge.

styrofoam plate into a stunning flower

Begin rolling the stem wire and styrofoam together along the edge . . .

all the way to the end. Secure bottom with floral tape and continue wrapping stem wire with the floral tape.

styrofoam plate into a stunning flower

Then, find the center of the foam slits, flaring them out for the flower. Now, press center down on work surface to spread out . . .

styrofoam plate into a stunning flower

Then glue on a tiny pom pom in the center.

styrofoam plate into a stunning flower

Have fun making many more styrofoam flowers to display in a vase or . . .

styrofoam plate flowers

give as a bouquet!

styrofoam plate flowers

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