Five super creative ideas to make for Father’s Day!

Five super creative ideas to make for Father’s Day

ideas for Father's Day

It is sometimes hard to come up with great Father’s Day gifts and wrapping.  We take the stress out of shopping with five super creative ideas to make for Father’s Day!

Number one Father’s Day gift

First, you know your dad is number one so make this little remembrance that he can display and let everyone know.  What a great Father’s Day gift! Watch the step-by-step video DIY and follow along with Sandy.

Next, the wrapping should be just as special as what is inside. In this quick DIY tutorial, we show you how you can elegantly wrap a framed gift. It could be a quotation that has a special meaning, a photo, or just about anything. The gift is presented with this beautiful gift bow!

ideas for Father's Day

Gift wrap idea

You have your gift and it is wrapped beautifully so all you need now is a perfect greeting card. You could go and buy a ready-made one, but it is, however much better to make a personalized one that dad will treasure forever.

ideas for Father's Day

Perfect greeting card


The fourth idea is a sweet gift. Yes, in this video DIY Sandy will show you how you can quickly make the sweet candy gift jar and fill it with his favorite candy pieces.  You love him to pieces so why not show it.

ideas for Father's Day

Father’s Day candy jar

The last idea is one that will bring a smile to dad’s face. Kid’s artwork is whimsical and fun and is also great for wrapping a special gift.  Dad will be delighted when it is wrapped in artwork and finished with a gorgeous Bowdabra bow.

ideas for Father's Day

Artwork gift wrap


That’s it for our list of creative ideas for Father’s Day.  If you would like to see more videos and DIY tutorials please visit the Bowdabra blog and follow us on Facebook!


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