How to upcycle a throwaway into a super cute snowman jar with Bowdabra

Today’s “Christmas in July” project is for an upcycled jar project that results in a scruffy, but super cute snowman jar. A closer trim and he wouldn’t be so scruffy :o)

super cute snowman jar

Upcycled super cute  snowman jar

I hope you’re inspired to “create”!

super cute snowman jar

super cute snowman jar

For the snowman jar you will need:


  • Bowdabra Tool and Mini Tool, and Bowdabra wire
  • Ribbon! 
  • Nearly white yarn
  • Glass Jar
  • black cardstock and pattern for top hat
  • silver paper-for punched snowflakes
  • rhinestone flourishes – Zva Creative
  • miscellaneous: twig painted orange and 2 upholstery tacks colored with a black permanent marker for eyes.


  1.  Create a pon pom with nearly white yarn, using the Bowdabra Mini Tool. Glue to the lid of the glass jar.
  2.  Create a top hat using a pattern and black cardstock. Wrap 1/2″ ribbon around the hat, low and close to the brim. Punch a snowflake and adhere to the front center of the hat. Glue the hat on top of the pon pom head.
  3. Glue the eyes and “nose” into place.
  4. Embellish the jar with punched snowflakes and rhinestone flourishes.
  5. Create a bow with blue/silver 1.5″ ribbon using the Bowdabra Tool and tie around the jar as shown.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!  You’ve found the right place to find lots of crafty inspiration, keep browsing!

Craft on!



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