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How to make a Sugar Skull Halloween Swag

In this amazing and easy video DIY, Bowdabra designer, Joette shows you how to make a cool sugar skull Halloween swag.  Abrabowdabra!

sugar skull Halloween swag

How to make a sugar skull Halloween swag

sugar skull Halloween swag


  • 2 White Dollar Tree Christmas trees
  • Roll of Purple Dollar Tree deco mesh
  • pkg of Dollar Tree black ribbon tubing
  • Dollar Tree Sugar Skull scarf
  • pkg of Dollar Tree Creepy Cloth
  • 2 Dollar Tree Buffalo Plaid Pumpkins (Optional)
  • Dollar Tree Skeleton (Optional)
  • Dollar Tree Black Dahlia Clip
  • Sugar Skull wooden sign from Dollar Tree
  • 1 Dollar Tree Spider Web
  • 1 Dollar Tree 10″ wire wreath form
  • 3 Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby Floral Bushes (3 different colors and shapes to match the Sugar Skull sign)
  • 1-2 Loose roses for the center of the bow
  • 1 pkg of Dollar Tree foam berry picks (Silver & Purple)
  • (2) pkg of Dollar Tree Halloween Ornaments
  • Dollar Tree Glitter (Willow) Bush (Optional or use many as you want)
  • Large Bowdabra
  • Bowdabra Wire
  • Zip Ties
  • Hot Glue (Optional)

First, wrap the green wreath form with purple deco mesh. Then, attach the spider web with zip ties.

Now, place zip tie in the Bowdabra and start placing the Christmas trees in (end to end), then, add the bushes. Now, bend the bushes in half, where they look like they’re end to end. Leave a space for the bow and zip tie the swag extra tight. Next,  attach it to the spider web, slightly to the left side.

You can fluff and shape the swag a little bit at this time. Do this by pulling the stems around/apart, so they are not flat. Work some shape and dimension into the swag. Next, lay the Sugar Skull sign where you want it to the right of the swag. Be careful not to cover it. When in place, zip tie it to the wreath form. you can also add a touch of hot glue to help support the sign.

Add the cloth, scarf, and tubular mesh

Now, make a creepy bow with the creepy cloth, scarf, and black tube ribbon. Add some of the purple/silver berry picks and 1-2 loose roses/flowers. Then, trim & fluff your finished bow. Use a zip tie and Bowdabra Wire to secure this bow.

Now, tie the bow onto the swag using the Bowdabra Wire. You can add the optional skeleton to the bow at this time if you are using one. Also, if you are using the silver glitter stick bushes and pumpkins you can add them in at this time. Just twist them in with the Christmas Tree branches nice and tight. Be sure to fluff and shape the swag before you go any further at this point.

Next, remove tops from the ornaments and place them on random Christmas Tree branch tips. You can just stick them on or secure them with a dab of hot glue. When done with this step, you may want to check the fluffing and shaping one last time. Add an optional black clip dahlia to the hole in the Sugar Skull’s head. You can add a dab of hot glue if you have any trouble securing it.

Be as creative with this as you want. The supplies do not need to be exact. Be sure to use the mechanics illustrated in this video for nice and secure swag. Always make sure you’re getting your wires & zip ties extra tight.

sugar skull Halloween swag

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