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Easy way to create a trending giant crepe paper flower with Bowdabra

Here’s the Bowdabra version of this trending Giant Crepe Paper Flower for Wedding/Party decor and Back Drops… This giant beauty is 18″ all-around!

giant crepe paper flower

How to create a giant crepe paper flower

  • Large Bowdabra
  • Mini Bowdabra
  • Bowdabra Wire
  • 1 Pack of 20″ L Italian Crepe Paper 180g size
  • 2 Packs of 2 different matching shades of Crepe Paper 80g size
  • Hot Glue-optional
  • Scissors Straight
  • Pins Ruler or Rotary Mat
  • Printable Petal Template



First, fold the Italian crepe paper in an 8″ half and cut from the roll. Once cut from the roll, fold the paper in half again, vertically.  Then, attach the large petal template to the closed end of folded crepe paper and pin it on to secure it while you cut it out.

Cut out 10 of these large double petals. Fold 4 sets in half and scrunch in the base as you twist the colored side forward. (If your paper came one-sided like mine.) Fold the next 6 where one petal is shorter than the other.

Now, start placing the bottom layer petals in the Large Bowdabra (with Bowdabra Wire) one at a time. Form a little bit of a petal shape on them by stretching the crepe paper into a cup. Once all 4 large petals (all one-length petals) are in and slightly shaped, tie them up real tight with the Bowdabra Wire and set them aside.

Continue adding petals

Repeat the with the next layer. Your petals should be in a 4 leaf clover-type layout… When you place petals 5 & 6, place them straight across from each other. Shape and tie up tight with the Bowdabra Bow Wire. Now tie the 2 layers together real tight.

Add the center petals

Next, for the center… Take one of the 80g sheets of crepe paper, folded over itself into 3″. Pin the Small Bowdabra Petal template to the 3″ fold and cut out 6-8 small double petals. Cut out enough petals to make 3 sets of these petal poofs. Using the Mini Bowdabra and Bowdabra Wire, place the small petals in, tie them real tight and give them a slight fluffing.

Now, take the last color of 80g crepe paper and make sure it is folded over itself 3″ wide. Start cutting it fringe style. You will probably only need 4 folds with a 20″ strip. Cut the top of the fringe to open it up. Back to the Large Bowdabra with Bowdabra Bow Wire, place the fringe strip in scrunchy bow style. Scrunch it with the Bowdabra wand and tie it up real tight. Swipe the palm of your hand or fingers across the fringe poof to give it a little fluffing.


Place the fringe piece in the center and get it secure, with either the Bowdabra Wire, hot glue, or both. Place the next 3 petal poof pieces securely around the fringed centerpiece the same way with hot glue, Bowdabra Wire, or both.

giant crepe paper flower

If you make this, share it over in the Bowdabra Fan Gallery so we can see your Bowdabra creation!




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