How to Make Cute Jigsaw Puzzle Jewelry for a Mother’s Day Gift

Who doesn’t have a jigsaw puzzle with a piece or two missing? Don’t toss that puzzle—let’s make cute jigsaw puzzle jewelry for a Mother’s Day gift. We’ll make a necklace and matching earrings.Mother's Day Jigsaw Puzzle Jewelry

You’ll need these supplies for the necklace and earrings:

  • Three puzzle pieces (try to avoid edge pieces; interior pieces are much more interesting in shape)
  • One 24″ necklace chain (or ribbon)
  • Three jump rings
  • One pair earring findings
  • Permanent marker
  • Two pair pliers
  • Beads and additional jump rings (optional)
  • Adhesive (optional)

How to open a jump ring:

Before we start making the jewelry, it’s important to know the proper way to open a ring. You’re going to use two pair of pliers.

  1. Hold the jump ring in the pliers with the cut end at the top, as shown in the photo.How to Open a Jump Ring Step 1
  2. Twist the pliers—one pair twists away from you and the other twists toward you.How to Open a Jump Ring Step 2

To close the jump ring, still using the pliers, twist the jump ring in the opposite direction to close.

Don’t just pull the ends apart. This distorts the jump ring, and makes it very difficult to close.

Let’s make jigsaw puzzle jewelry:

  1. Select your puzzle pieces and color them with a permanent marker.Color Puzzle Pieces
  2. Pierce a hole in each piece for adding the jewelry findings.Pierce Hole for Jewelry Findings
  3. Glue rhinestones, sequins, or other embellishments to the colored puzzle pieces.
  4. Add the necklace chain and puzzle piece to an open jump ring. (Optionally, add beads with another jump ring.) Add Necklace Chain and Puzzle Piece to Jump Ring
  5. The earrings are made in the same way—opening a jump ring, adding the puzzle piece, then closing the jump ring. Many earring findings have a built in ring for attachments, so an additional jump ring isn’t needed.Add Jewels and Findings
  6. Now you have a totally unique Mother’s Day gift.Mother's Day Jigsaw Puzzle Jewelry (Instagram)

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