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How to Make a Do It Yourself Adorable Lacy Bow Headband with Bowdabra

Lacy bow headbandLet’s make an adorable ruffled lacy bow headband that’s perfect for special occasions, parties, celebrations, and even weddings! You won’t believe how easy it is to make using the Bowdabra and the following materials:

Begin by cutting an 18″ piece of Bowdabra Bow Wire and folding it in half. There will be a loop at one end and two loose ends at the other end. Place into the Bowdabra, tucking ends and loop under. Cut a 22″ piece of six-inch wide lace creasing one end down into the Bowdabra.

Make another crease on the opposite end of the lace,

taking it up over the Bowdabra tower and down into the Bowdabra.

Make a crease in the center of the lace pushing down into the Bowdabra, creating 4.5″ loops on each side which becomes the bow. Scrunch down the lace bow with the Bowdabra wand.

While the bow is still in the Bowdabra, take the two loose ends of the Bow Wire through the loop at the other end, pulling tightly while .  .  .

gently pulling the bow out.

Separate the loose ends, taking them around to the back of the bow, tying in a double knot, and cutting off the excess bow wire.

Make the Ruffle Center 

For the lace bow, cut off two 36″ pieces of 1.5″ lace ribbon. Place one strip on top of the other and sew a running stitch along one edge. I’m using a needle and thread, but you can do this with a sewing machine, too.

Reaching the end of the lace, pull the thread tight as possible forming a ruffled circle, and sew the ends together. Double knot, cutting off excess thread.

Straighten th lace around the circle and flatten it on the work surface.

Next, cut out a felt circle using the bottom of the glue bottle as a template. Apply glue along the felt border and  .  .  .

place on a ruffled circle, pressing down until dry.

Next, cut off two 12″ lengths of 1.5″ lace ribbon. Place them together and make a running stitch along the edge, as before.

Reaching the end, pull the thread tightly, connecting the two ends together into a circle. Double knot thread, cutting off the excess.

Turn the first ruffle over and place glue on the felt in the center.

Group the gathered edges of the second ruffle together and place them in the glued center of the larger ruffle. Hold together until the glue sets and dries.

Once dry, fluff and separate the lace layers.

Then add glue to the center of the lace bow and .  .  .

attach ruffled lace. Position the ruffle lace and bow on the headband, gluing them in place.

How charming is this lacy bow headband? It’s perfect for those special occasions and celebrations!

Lacy bow headband

Lacy bow headband

Be sure and visit designer, Gail at her blog Purple hues and me for more of her amazing tutorials.

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