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How to create the best multi-use spring bow even if you’ve never made a bow

 Hi, I’m Brittany with Britt’s creations. Today we are going to make a multi-use spring bow that can be used on a lantern, wreath, or even a sign! If you’ve never made a bow before you will be amazed at how easy it is to make with the help of the Bowdabra. It’s like having a third hand!

multi-use spring bow

What you will need:

2.5-inch burlap ribbon

2.5-inch greenery ribbon
1-inch pattern ribbon
Large Bowdabra
Bowdabra wire


To begin, we are going to cut our Bowdabra wire 24 in long and fold it in half. Load the wire into the center part of your Bowdabra. We will start with our burlap ribbon. The tails will be 10 in length so we need to cut 20 in of burlap ribbon. We’re going to find the center, pinch it and load it into our Bowdabra. Next, we’re going to make our loops with the burlap ribbon. Each loop will be 5 in length. Make two loops on each side totaling four loops. We will repeat this step with the greenery ribbon but instead of making 5-in loops, the loops will be 4 inches.
We’ll end our bow by loading in our pattern ribbon. To make sure our pattern is all going in the same direction we will take 10 inches of the ribbon and we will fold in each side making 4-in loops. Pinch the center and load it into the Bowdabra. To make the button we will do the same thing. Cut 4 inches of ribbon and fold it into itself, pinch it, and load it into the Bowdabra.
When you’re finished loading all your ribbon take the two ends of the Bowdabra wire and insert the two loose strings into the loop and pull tight. Flip the bow over and tie two knots.
Now it’s time to fluff your bow! Once you fluff it to your liking your multi-use spring bow is ready to place on a lantern, wreath, or sign!
Thank you for following along with Britt’s Creations! Happy crafting!
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