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Easy Ip-Styled DIY Dollar Store Bunny using Up

This week for our Friday kid’s craft our youngest design team member shows you how to upcycle an Easter bunny door hanger bunny for Easter with dollar store supplies and just ribbon scraps!

Easter bunny door hanger

Unleash Your Child’s Inner Crafter this Easter Upcycle!

Dollar Store Easter Bunny Door Hanger



Dollar Tree Bunny Door Hanger
Assorted scrap ribbons, pre-dovetailed
18” L wired Ribbon 2.5” W
18” L Non-wired Ribbon 7/8” W
Two 8” L Non-wired Ribbons 7/8” W
18” L wired Ribbon 1.5” W
Two 16” L Assorted colors – wired Ribbon 2.5” W
Three 9” L Assorted colors – wired Ribbons 2.5” W
9” L Ribbon 1.5” W
14” L Ribbon 2.5” W
Flower center & leaf from a Dollar Tree felt kit
Large Bowdabra
Bowdabra Bow Wire

Easter bunny door hanger


To begin, place a folded piece of Bowdabra bow wire into the Bowdabra. Then, add assorted strips of wired ribbon in various colors and sizes, which have already been pre-dovetailed.

Next, use a few pieces of non-wired ribbons for the bow center. To create this bow, locate the center of the ribbons and arrange the shorter ribbon pieces flat in the Bowdabra.
Place the longer pieces in the Bowdabra with only one loop and two tails.

Throughout the process, be mindful of the colors and make sure that no two pieces of the
same color touch each other. Also, pay attention to the size of the loops, making sure that
each side was similar in size.

Next, position two of the non-wired ribbon pieces into the Bowdabra and cross them flat. Now, add another wired looped piece to the stack, center it, and placed it upside
down in the Bowdabra.

Then, pull each tail right side up in the Bowdabra, to create two
loops for this ribbon strip. Scrunch everything together using the Bowdabra Wand.
Repeat the same process with the last ribbon, which is non-wired, and use it as the final piece.

Add the felt flowers

Use a felt flower center kit from Dollar Tree, and add one leaf and one center from the
package as the centerpiece of the bow. Then,  secure everything tightly using the
Bowdabra Bow Wire.

The felt flower centers have slits in them that you can use to conceal the Bowdabra Bow Wire. Once the bow is secured, remove it from the Bowdabra, split the wires, and bring them to the back of the bow. Then, tie them tightly to secure the
bow in place.

After securely tying the bow, give it a bit of fluffing and shaping, but do not do too much as the bow may not stay perfect until
it is tied to the bunny.

Once you have the bow tied onto the bunny, this is the time to finish fluffing and shaping it to achieve the perfect look for your beautiful Bowdabra bow. You can use this versatile bow for any project, including wreaths, Easter baskets, florals, and more!

easter bunny door hanger

I’m Lexi from the Bowdabra Design Team, thanks for watching!

Music: Bits and Pieces, Musician: Mica Emory, Album: Mica Emory, Source: VCG

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