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How to make the best personalized mini Easter basket for your bestie

Hi! I’m Lexi the youngest member of the  Bowdabra Design Team. Welcome to my video blog tutorial on creating a personalized Mini Easter basket or gift bag. Perfect for your bestie this Easter! Let’s get started and make a thoughtful gift that your bestie will adore.


How to make a mini Easter basket

15″ strip of 2.5″ wide of wired ribbon – With Pattern

15″ strip of 2.5″ wide of wired ribbon – Solid color

Wooden or pretty matching bead

5″-8″ basket or gift bag

Bunny Ears headband for this project

Your desired gift or candies to fill the basket or bag

Mini Bowdabra

Bowdabra Bow Wire


Mini Easter basket


First, fill a cute little basket bag with personalized favorite candy and a fun bunny ears headband. Then, make sure to stick the bunny ears out of the top of the bag!

Next, use the mini Bowdabra! Lay a piece of Bowdabra bow wire (that is already folded in half) in the Mini bowdabra. Then, add a wooden bead onto the wire, which will be the center of the bow once it’s done!

Use two ribbons – one solid and one with a print. Take the solid ribbon and find the center. Place it in the mini Bowdabra and fold one end across to make a loop and tail. Do the same with the other end of the ribbon.

Repeat the same steps with the printed Easter egg ribbon. Just remember to place the printed side facing downwards. Then, fold it the same way as the first ribbon to create loops and tails on both sides.

Use the Bowdabra wand to scrunch down the ribbons. This is a good time to check if the loops and tails are even. If they aren’t, you can make adjustments now.

Finishing your mini Easter basket

Let’s tie the bow! Take the end with the loop and bead and the loose ends. Thread the loose ends through the loop of the slip knot and pull the wire as tight as you can. Lift the ribbon stack a little so you can secure it. The bead will stop the slip knot from fully tightening the bow since the wire won’t be able to reach all the way down into the towers.

Make sure the bead is positioned in the center of the bow, then, separate the loose ends of the wire and bring them to the back of the bow. Tie them up really tight in a knot. Then, fluff & shape the bow a little bit before you tie it to the basket.

Use the excess bow wire to attach the bow onto your basket or bag. Decide where you want to put it and tie it into a bow that you can easily untie later.

mini Easter basket

Great job! And the Bowdabra is so easy to use that it’s perfect for kids! You’ve learned how to make a beautiful bow using the mini Bowdabra. Now you can use your new skills to make bows for all kinds of crafty things! Keep practicing and have fun creating!

Mini Easter basket

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