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How to Make the Best Keychain Charm for a Father’s Day Gift

Remember Dad on Father’s Day with this keychain charm. The perfect way to let him know he’s the BEST DAD!!Best Dad Keychain

Here are the supplies you’ll need:Supplies for Best Dad keychain charm

  • 12″ to 15″ twine, yarn, or ribbon
  • 1 split ring
  • Alphabet beads
  • Optional: blank spacer beads

Let’s make the BEST DAD keychain charm:

  1. Make a lark’s head knot around the split ring with the twine. First, fold the twine in half. Thread the loop through the ring. Then, thread the twine ends through the loop. Pull the twine ends to tighten the knot around the ring.Form Lark's Head Knot on Split Ring
  2. Next, we’ll thread the alphabet beads onto the twine. To make this a bit easier you can stiffen the ends of twine by wrapping them in a short piece of tape, or paint the ends with nail polish. If you choose the nail polish method, let it dry thoroughly before continuing.Stiffen Ends of Twine
  3. If you’re using the spacer beads, begin threading the beads onto the twine: spacer-B-E-S-T-spacer-D-A-D-spacer.Thread Letter and Spacer Beads on Twine
  4. Finish the keychain charm by tying a couple knots at the end of the beads. Trim the ends of the twine.Tie Knot at End of Beads
  5. Present dad with his BEST DAD keychain charm.Best Dad Keychain (Instagram)

Wasn’t this a great idea for a Father’s Day gift?  You can personalize this keychain charm even further with different letters and sentiments. For hundreds more gifts that kids can make please visit the Bowdabra blog and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook too!


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