How to easily make a special lighted gift bow out of plastic food wrap


lighted gift bow

Hey everyone, I’m Lexi from the Bowdabra Design Team! Want to make your gift presentations look amazing? Check out my new video tutorial! I’ll show you how to make a special lighted gift bow out of simple plastic food wrap! It’s easy and fun to do, so kids and adults can try it. Let’s make your gifts look bright and awesome together! Come check it out!



Four Different lengths of plastic food wrap: 20” tails, 24” loops, 22” loops and 10” center

Small string of wired LED fairy lights

Low temp hot glue gun

Package of Dollar Store hot glue sticks

Large Bowdabra

Bowdabra Bow Wire

Optional: Scotch Tape

This bow is super cool because you can use it for gift wrapping, party decor, or even as a hair bow!

lighted gift bow


First, fold a piece of Bowdabra bow wire in half and place it in the Bowdabra.  This is your slip knot.

Next, using the 20-inch piece of plastic wrap place it in the Bowdabra for your tails.  Now, using the 24-inch piece of plastic wrap, place one end into the Bowdabra.  Loop it around to the other side and lay it in the Bowdabra. Create loops as you go but making sure the loops are fluffed out as much as possible.

Scrunch the bow down with the Bowdabra wand.  Pull the loose wires through the loop and pull tight while the bow is still in the Bowdabra.  Remove, separate the end, turn to the back and tie a knot.

Tie the 10-inch piece of wrap around the center of the bow and cut off any excess bow wire.

Add the hot glue

Now, using the hot glue gun begin covering the entire bow, loops and tails with hot glue from the front and the back. When the hot glue has dried it will turn white and have a lacy effect.

Next, add the fairy lights. Wrap and tuck the lights for the optimal effect. Secure the lights with a bit more hot glue. You have a beautiful lighted gift bow that can also be used as a hair bow or for decor!

lighted gift bow

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