How to Make the Best First Day of School Countdown Caterpillar

Kids are always excited about the first day of a new school year, but sometimes don’t understand just how many more days until the first day. This First Day of School Countdown Caterpillar is an easy craft for them to make, then they can track the days until school begins.First Day of School Countdown Caterpillar

These are the supplies that you’ll need:Supplies for Countdown Caterpillar

  • 6″ x 1″ strips of colored or patterned paper or cardstock—you’ll need one strip for each day of your countdown
  • One 6″ x 1¾” white paper or cardstock
  • Two 3″ x ¼” strips of colored or patterned paper or cardstock
  • Adhesive—glue stick, liquid craft glue, double-sided tape, etc.
  • Marker or crayon

Let’s make the Countdown Caterpillar:

  1. We’ll build the caterpillar body first using the 6″ x 1″ strips. Spread glue on the end of one of the strips.Spread Glue on End of Strip
  2. Glue the other end to end, forming a circle. Continue gluing strips, linking them together to form a chain.Form a Chain with the Glued Circles
  3. Add as many links to your chain as the number of days you’re counting down.Continue Adding Links to the Countdown Caterpillar Chain
  4. Now, we’ll make the caterpillar’s head. Form a link with the wide, white strip, and join it to the chain.Form a Link with White Strip
  5. Use a marker or crayon to draw eyes and mouth.Add Eyes and Mouth to Countdown Caterpillar's Head Link with Marker
  6. Glue the ends of the thin strips together to form antennae.Glue End of Thin Strip Together to Form Antennae
  7. Glue the antennae to the top of the caterpillar’s head.Glue Antennae in Place
  8. Now you’re ready for the first day of school countdown.First Day of School Countdown Caterpillar (Instagram)


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