With Bowdabra You can make the quickest New Year’s Eve champagne flute

Watch Sandy Sandler, the creator of the Bowdabra, show you how you can make the quickest New Year’s Eve champagne flute for your party or get-together! When you use the Bowdabra bow maker anyone is an expert. Bowdabra gives you another set of hands!

Make one, or make a bunch. The New Year’s champagne Eve flute will be the hit of the party!

New Year’s Eve champagne flute


Now we’re going to decorate up this plain champagne glass that I got at a dollar store. It will become a really pretty event champagne glass or New Year’s Eve champagne flute.

So, I have my measuring tool here, and I folded my Bowdabra Bow Wire in half. Now, I’m just going to tuck it under to keep it out of the way.

Next, I have this piece of ribbon that’s going to go around the glass. So, I’m going to just put that down into the Bowdabra, and I’m basically making sure that I’m doing it in the middle.

Then, what I’m going to do is take my pretty star. I’m doing this sort of thinking about a New Year’s Eve ball, but this could work really well as a wedding decor bow.

So, all I did is have the wrong side up. I’m going to fold it back over and I’m going to put the wrong side in here. And I’m going to just make sure that my loops are even. And they are even, they’re at 1 1/2″ on each side.

Make the bow for your New Year’s Eve flute

Next, I’m just going to just put this into my Bowdabra. I’ll take my Bowdabra wand and just scrunch it down. I want to just make sure this is all pretty before I tie it off. I Put the loose wires through the slipknot and pull it really tight while it’s still in the Bowdabra.

Finally, I’m going to take it out and put my Bowdabra aside. I’ll separate the ends, bring them around to the back. I’m going to tie a knot. And then what I’m going to do is just clip my Bowdabra Bow Wire close to the back of the silver ribbon.

I have this piece of glitter silver. And I’m going to take a glue dot and I’m just going to put a glue dot right here. I’m going to use that to just hold that piece in place.

I think I’ll take another glue dot, and put that right here. And I’ll just bring that piece over. Cut it close, or I think I’m going to cut it.

So now, we have our really pretty little bow. And I’m going to bring this to the front. First, what I’m going to do is take a glue dot I’ll just put one right here on the back of my glass.

Finishing your champagne flute

So I’m going to just bring that around with the glue dot there. And I’m going to grab another glue dot and put it right here so that the piece just sticks. Okay, that wasn’t what I wanted to do. And I’ll have to grab another glue dot from here. And I’m going to put that right there. So now I’m going to just trim this and add one more glue dot.

You could definitely use a hot glue gun for this project. The next thing that I’m going to do is I that I have these cute little adhesive buttons. So, I’m going to put a button here, so it’s kind of like a tuxedo. I’ll put another button there.

Now you have a wonderfully decorated champagne glass that you can use for a New Year’s Eve flute or for a wedding, anniversary, or any special event.

Make this and an adorable New Year’s ball ornament to give as a great hostess gift!


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