Let’s Make Flower Bow Napkin Rings – A Snow Day Craft

I love making decorative crafts when I’m confined to the house because of snow! Brrr! Snow day crafts aren’t just for kids! There are so many snow day crafts you can make to enhance ones’ décor! One of my favorites is making napkin rings! You can never have too many napkin rings! I was inspired to make these Flower Bow Napkin Rings while viewing a live Facebook demo by Sandy Sandler, creator of the Bowdabra . . . ideas just begin to flow watching her create!

To make Flower Bow Napkin Rings you will need:

5/8″ Wired Ribbon
Mini Bowdabra
Bowdabra Measuring Tool
Bowdabra Bow Wire
2″ Wooden Rings
Gold Leaf paint

First, begin by using a yardstick to measure and cut 36 inches of wired ribbon. The ribbon I used is double sided with a bit of burgundy on one side that compliments a shade of purple on the other side. It makes for an unusual flower!

Fold the ribbon at the 3-inch mark and keep folding the ribbon together until it’s completely folded.

Next, use a dime to cut both ends by rounding off to form petals.

The strips of petals should look like these, with rounded ends.

Next, fold a 15″ bow wire in half and place into the Mini Bowdabra, tucking ends under. Then, crease the center of a petal strip and place down into the Mini Bowdabra.

Now, continue creasing the center of the petal strips placing them down randomly into the Mini Bowdabra. The ends of the petal strips should be around the 1 1/2″ marks on the Bowdabra Measuring Tool.

Once you have inserted all of the petal strips (11-12), scrunch down using the Mini Bowdabra Wand.

While the petals are still in the Mini Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the bow wire through the loop at the other end, pulling tightly.

Gently pull the flower bow out of the Mini Bowdabra, separating the loose wire ends and taking them around to the back, tying in a double knot.
Fluff each petal by shaping wire ends, curving slightly to make the flower fluffy and full!

Then, make a few more flower bows . . .

Flower Bow Napkin Rings
In between making flower bows, paint wooden rings gold to match the trim and bow wire.

Once the wood rings are dry, attach flower bows by wrapping the bow wire around the rings a couple of times and tying under the flower. Finally, cut off the excess wire.

Visit Bowdabra Designer Gail at her blog Purple Hues and Me, Facebook, and Pinterest for more of her awesome craft tutorials!


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