Christmas in July – how to create an amazing gift bow

Hi everyone Steph Ackerman here showing you how to create an amazing gift bow with Bowdabra.   Start your holiday decorating now before the holidays start and you will be ready to enjoy the holidays.  The lazy days of summer are the perfect time for crafting without pressure!  So let’s get started!

Easy to make gift Bow

amazing gift bow


Bowdabra Bow Making Tool
Bow Wire

I’m one of those individuals who likes to hide gifts in stacked boxes so you have to open each box to reveal your gift, so these boxes were perfect for my Christmas gift.  I have 3 boxes that fit inside each other.

Once the boxes were stacked inside each other, I wrapped the box with red ribbon.

To begin creating the bow, I placed bow wire in the channel and wrapped it underneath so it was out of my way while I created the bow.  Next, I placed a 12″ length of red ribbon in the Bowdabra.

Since it is Christmas in July, I placed the Christmas ribbon in the Bowdabra, leaving a 4″ tail.  I twisted the ribbon so the print side remained visible thus creating my first loop.

Continue creating loops, twisting the ribbon in each pass until you have a 3 loop bow.  I could have made a larger bow, if I wished, but thought this size would be perfect.  I used the wand to push the bow into the Bowdabra.

Pulling up on the bow wire, I pulled on the bow wire and tied off.

amazing gift bow

Fluff out the bow and form the loops to create an amazing gift bow.

amazing gift bow

Using the leftover bow wire, insert it under the ribbon and tie the bow to the ribbon.  Use a pick to twirl the bow wire.

amazing gift bow

It’s the perfect size to sit under the tree and have everyone wonder what’s inside.

Merry Christmas in July

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