Bowdabra Christmas Wreaths – Feature Friday

The countdown to Christmas has begun! The holiday carols, wrapping Christmas gifts, Christmas decoration are well underway. DIY  Christmas Wreaths are the best way to decorate your home in style and celebrate the holiday cheer.
Bowdabra Christmas Wreaths

This week we present top 5 Christmas wreaths to celebrate the Christmas spirit and the holiday season.

Bowdabra Christmas Wreaths – Feature Friday

Creating a loopy large ribbon wreath is not that difficult. With the large wire ribbon and the Bowdabra Bow Wire you can hold the ribbon loops onto wreath and create a beautiful looking wreath.

Looking for an idea to make a wreath quick and fast? Try this Santa Claus Christmas wreath. It is an extremely easy wreath and it takes a mere 5 minutes to make.

Do you know you can turn a plain plastic embroidery hoop into a gorgeous Christmas wreath ornament. Decorate a small embroidery hoop with scrunchy tulle ribbon bows to create a marvellous DIY Christmas wreath ornament.

A pine wreath adds a festive look to your home. Wrap the wreath with large beautiful ribbon, add pine cones, and finish with a gorgeous Bowdabra Bow. And Voila! Your Christmas pine wreath is ready! It is simple to make and looks pretty.

Each year we are left with plenty of extra ornaments that do not fit on the Christmas tree. Wondering how to make use of them? Why not create a gorgeous wreath with those extra ornaments lying around. Take large circular ornaments and a wire wreath form to create a stunning Christmas wreath.

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